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So I'm home from West Virginia. Evidence from my last post suggests I had a shitty week. Yes. Moving on...

Coming off of the road I love nothing more than a little social media and carving a chunk out of my ever growing Netflix queue. Tonight I pick season 3 of Buffy. I decide to have crappy food for dinner (Wendy's) and halfway between Faith being annoying and super annoying, I decide to pause and stretch my legs by grabbing some beer.

I head to the corner store, place my purchase on the counter, hand the man my card.
"Kyle, is it?"
I run into this problem alot. Yes, my name is Kyle. No it is not my boyfriends card. I would never date a guy named Kyle and not just because my name also happens to be Kyle.
He says something next, truth be told, I'm not listening very well. I repeat what I though I heard, "What does it stand for?"
He corrects, "How is your night going?"
"Oh, good," I reply, making a face more toward myself than anything for completely mishearing him.
He looks at my card again then asks, "Are you 21?"

A quick list of thoughts that roll through my head:
It's because I'm wearing pigtails isn't it?
I come in here ALL THE TIME.
I'm wearing a Capitan EO shirt for crying out loud.
I had my id ready for you, sir.
I can't wait for the day this becomes flattering.

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