Tepid - (esp. of a liquid) Only slightly warm; lukewarm.

After a pretty amazing night at a theme party telling February to go fornicate with itself, my mother drove up to switch cars with me. She is taking my car south because it gets better mileage. My co-worker Becca also stayed the night so she didn't have to drive back home at two in the morning. We all went out to breakfast.

The diner we visited I especially like because before they even greet your table they give you a whole pot of coffee, just for you. Usually, they also give a pitcher or water. My mom does not drink coffee. When our server came with the coffee but no water I politely asked, "Could we also get a pitcher of water?" He came back with, "Well THAT depends, you want hot water in that pitcher? Or cold?"

I'm not a big fan of the 'jokey' waiter right out of the gate. It's the weekend, it's early, I'm clearly tired and hungry. Let's try and build a rapport before you shoot smart ass comments at me. So I respond the only way I know how, a dry smart ass comment.

"I'd actually prefer it tepid."

The only word I can use to describe his face is chagrined. He wanted a giggle and a straight answer. He didn't know what he was getting with me, a girl who only wanted her eggs. He storms away and returns with three water cups. Mine has maybe an inch of water in the glass.

My, my.


Awkwardness - Clumsily or unskillfully performed

As seems to be the theme with me of late, I didn't sleep well the other night.

I was in a hotel, it was raining. Rain is the perfect thing to get me sleepy. Then, 4:27 rolls around and I am what I can only describe as rocketed awake by very loud country music. I assume the alarm in the room next to me has gone off. Now that I am awake I have to use the WC and from thereon out things went downhill. I tossed and turned for the next two or so hours finally achieving sleep for a mere half hour before being woken up by my own alarm.

Foreseeing the need for excessive caffeine that day I stop at a Speedway to grab a coke, coffee, and a red bull for when things start to get really bad. If I ration these out throughout the next 8 hours or so, I just might make it.

During my orientation I kindly let everyone know about my dilemma stating, "If I'm a little loopy, you can blame the Froggy 101 station that went off next door two hours before I was supposed to get up."

One of the activities in my show deals with snakes. How to identify them, tell if they are venomous, etc. With my filter switched off for the day I maintain I had no control over the following words that escaped from my brain through my mouth.

"The big thing we want to teach here is you should never get this close to a snake to tell if they are venomous or not. Kids should learn to just leave wild snakes alone and not capture them and fling them around like my cousin Kevin did when he was a kid." This gets a laugh. I follow with a poignant pause and say, "Yeah....I miss him."

How uncomfortable.


Meta - transcending, or going above and beyond

DnD Night! I drove almost two hours from West Virginia and was in an incredibly manic mood.

During the encounter we came upon some statues that transferred players between two identical locations. At first I'm alone then somehow I summon Casey to my side. After a few checks I identify the statue as such:

"I think you can only travel between locations one way. It's like Terminator time travel. Wait, crap! That movie hasn't come out yet."
I spent the remainder of the night tickled by the idea of a meta rpg character.


Excitment - exhilaration: the feeling of lively and cheerful joy

Words cannot begin to describe the work day I had today.

I will try later. Pictures will suffice for now.


Midi-Chlorian - a stupid explanation

While working at my desk today, I decide to take a quick facebook break and stretch my sore muscles. I read the following status update from Nicole, one of my supervisors.
Just learned from a student that a non-contact force could be the Star Wars Force. Hadn't thought of that before!
To which Joe replied:
yes but aren't metachlorians physical things?
To which Nicole replied:
To which I replied:
I agree with Joe. Metachlorians make up the force therefore it is a contact force.

After the program, Nicole came to ask us what exactly midi-chlorian's were.

Me: Something made up by George Lucas as a horrible retcon.
Joe: Part of the three inadequate prequels to the original Star Wars trilogy.
We then tag team in giving a very brief description of midi-chlorian's that I won't bore you with. Suffice to say Nicole looks more confused than when we began.
Nicole: How do you know that?
Me: Well....because we're nerds..

We then move on to other topics but later I butt in with,
"But actually wouldn't the force still be a non-contact force? Because yes, the midi-chlorian's control the force, but they are in your blood and give you the power to use the force. So it could still be considered a non-contact force."

Ever later when we are eating lunch and Joe and I are trolling through our everyday sites we come upon today's Teefury shirt, which says, 'Han shot first'.
Joe: How appropriate. But didn't Greedo shoot first?
No worries I already put him out of his misery.

Even later we are still harping on the first three movies and I show Joe the following video.

EVEN LATER! We are prepping for a show and have a school with two different classes participating in one session. We are coming up with ideas of what to call the two different classes.

These include:
Alpha and Beta
Venture Bros and the Guild of Calamitous Intent
Jedi and Sith Lord
Giraffes and Panda
and my personal favorite
Seperatists and The Galactic Republic


Alone - Considered separately from all others of the same class

I wonder what it says of me that I gave up a night of gay bar hopping with my wonderful roommate to go back home and discuss Dune with Brandon.

Whatever it says, I like it. I had fun. That book is fucking good.

Now I'm going to go to the movies, alone. Then when that's done I think I'll sit in my fort and watch streaming Netflix while doing laundry, alone. The makings of an awesome Sunday.


Shame - cause to be ashamed

The following conversation takes place during Youtube Monday. A time where we intermittently watch the latest in movie trailers and oh-so-hilarious videos.

*The boys watch a trailer for Transformers The Dark Side of the Moon.*
Derek: This looks legit.
Chris: Yeah and no Megan Fox. It's like a win-win.
Joe: You know what I'm also excited for? Cowboys and Aliens.
Me: *butting in* You know what I'M excited for!? Jane Eyre. *I hold up my hands for high-fives* Am I right guys? *They cast a shaming silence onto me, then continue as if I had not spoken*
Joe: Also! New Daniel Craig movie?

Other things I'm excited for:
Uninterrupted Dune listening time.
Having a working computer on the road.
Seeing EG for Hire for lunch today.

Things I'm not excited for:
Going to Cleveland.
My fast developing hacking cough. This punch in the chest feeling has transformed into a pack a day smoker cough.


Fitful - Active or occurring spasmodically or intermittently; not regular or steady

The past two days at work we've had no programs. Our presenter can't get out of his driveway because of all the ice. I spent almost two hours yesterday checking inventory and listening to Dune on tape. I can only listen to books for so long before my brain is slowly turns to mush.

The past three nights have gone as follows:

Round three in the morning I wake up and have to pee.
For the next three minutes or so I lay in my bed trying to calculate how badly I have to pee and weigh the pros and cons of getting up versus just falling back to sleep and possibly peeing my bed.
Eventually I get up, trying not to look at any clocks and head to the bathroom. My feet are cold because I don't like wearing socks to bed. I hate wearing socks, it feels like I'm suffocating my feet. I miss wearing flip flops everywhere.
The past three nights as I look out the bathroom window I've seen the salt truck passing down our street, it's lights flashing.
I then get back into my semi warm bed that has quickly grown colder and attempt to force myself back to sleep.
Then I notice my mouth is dry.
I take a drink of water.
My chest still hurts. The last two days whenever I breath I feel bruised like someone punched my chest from the inside.
I cough. Take a shot of my inhaler.
Wait, why is Whoomp There It Is stuck in my head?
The past three nights this dance has continued till an unspecified time when eventually I fall back into a fitful sleep. As I wake up a few hours later to my phone alarm I consider calling in sick. Or calling in sleepy. But, at last, I get out and make coffee.

Today my coffee is bad.