Summer - a season

I love summers. Especially during the last two years.

For instance, tonight I got to watch the Hubble movie and play Smash Bros on Game Cube. Then on the way home my roommate and I remembered we needed toilet paper.

En Route for said toilet paper we realized we had a ton of liquid nitrogen at home from work. Along with the toilet paper we bought some flowers.

We then froze these flowers and smashed them with our bare hands. It was marvelous.

To be put simply, I love summers.


Pinochle - A card game for two or more players using a 48-card deck consisting of two of each card from nine to ace

“I guess I never learned to play many card games.”
“Well I used to go to summer camp so I learned lots.”
“I used to do summer camps too! Only we were in laser tag camp and we’d play Magic: The Gathering between sessions.”
“….What did you just say?”
*Awkwardly push my glasses up*
“No, wait, that’s a good enough answer.”
-While learning to play pinochle


Surrounded - Be all around (someone or something)

*While waiting in line for beer at the free Dr. Who premiere. For the first time ever I feel like the most normal person in a building. Casey and I try not to laugh as we wait. I sing a song.*

Me: It’s the Chronic *WHAT* les of Narnia!

Casey: Stop. They are everywhere and they can smell memes.


Help - Make it easier for (someone) to do something by offering aid.

This is for all the randoms that find this blog with the keywords, 'Nerdy things to say' sometimes with the add-on, 'to girls/boys'. I'm bad at these things and have only been on one date in my life which went horribly. So I turn to the vlog brothers for help.


Age - the length of time during which a being or thing has existed

So I'm home from West Virginia. Evidence from my last post suggests I had a shitty week. Yes. Moving on...

Coming off of the road I love nothing more than a little social media and carving a chunk out of my ever growing Netflix queue. Tonight I pick season 3 of Buffy. I decide to have crappy food for dinner (Wendy's) and halfway between Faith being annoying and super annoying, I decide to pause and stretch my legs by grabbing some beer.

I head to the corner store, place my purchase on the counter, hand the man my card.
"Kyle, is it?"
I run into this problem alot. Yes, my name is Kyle. No it is not my boyfriends card. I would never date a guy named Kyle and not just because my name also happens to be Kyle.
He says something next, truth be told, I'm not listening very well. I repeat what I though I heard, "What does it stand for?"
He corrects, "How is your night going?"
"Oh, good," I reply, making a face more toward myself than anything for completely mishearing him.
He looks at my card again then asks, "Are you 21?"

A quick list of thoughts that roll through my head:
It's because I'm wearing pigtails isn't it?
I come in here ALL THE TIME.
I'm wearing a Capitan EO shirt for crying out loud.
I had my id ready for you, sir.
I can't wait for the day this becomes flattering.


100 - ten 10's

I wanted to be sure my 100th post was epic and awe inspiring. It won't be.

I will say this though:

That moment when your innocence is shattered. When before you are truly enjoying being a twenty something, pretty care free, living in squalor being; then suddenly you become the grown-up through no volition of your own.

It sucks. It fucking sucks.


Tawdry - Gaudy and cheap in nature or appearance

I am in a sleazy hotel room. I might go so far to call it a motel room. It sort of reminds me of the studio apartment I lived in the last four or so months of high school. A door, facing I-75; a sort of room with a bed, smelling of smoke; a bathroom area, with a fake set of doors that don't work.

It smells like smoke something awful. I came close to shoving my sheet up my nostrils last night. I am waiting for illicit sex sounds to begin. The tv remote does not work at all. I'm afraid to turn the heat on for fear the smoke smell lingers in the vents.

All this and yet, it feels oddly safe and like home. Even though the curtains have Velcro attached to discourage peeping toms. Even though every small sound elicits fear in the fiber of my being. It's strangely comforting.


Hipsterfication - a word I just made up

When I can't write, for work or pleasure, I tend to make lists. This is a very small list of things I'm currently loving:

Extremely well timed promotion for Paul, which I still haven't decided if I'm seeing. Simon Pegg is so wonderful at exasperation. I react in a similar fashion when anyone questions one of my deep loves.

"That's not Dune! That's blue, it must be a girls book. Are you reading a ROMANCE novel!?" -Brandon

His insight is terrifying and it's HISTORICAL FICTION (with small doses of romance)! My new nerdy friend Mary started talking about these books a few weeks ago and I decided to take a short break from Frank Herbert's world and hang around in 18th century Scotland for a bit. I could explain it as beach reading but I hate the beach. I am genuinely enjoying this book. I figured that this series was newer but was suprised to find the first book came out when I was four. I bought the book before dinner one night in Newport, KY and suddenly it was midnight and I had read almost 200 pages. I've already bought the second book, at a wonderful little shop which brings me to...
Acorn Bookshop. Dear lord. Recently I started a story share with one Pat Roach which has unfortunatly been pushed to the wayside. I set it in a bookshop. It has always been a girlish dream of mine to work in a bookshop. Nick and I walked to brunch on Sunday (read: burgers and fries) then stopped by this shop. I felt like I had stepped into the setting for my story, just with better lighting. This place is simply the best, cat photos and cows everywhere. Dips in the carpet that make you watch your footing. Books shoved in every plausible corner. Strange shop rules behind the register (no tap dancing). I didn't want to leave.
These Turkey feathers. A school volunteered to donate them but toward the end of my day the parent who brought the subject up was nowhere to be found. Yesterday I venture up to my other desk and find these bad boys. I am endlessly tickled by them. They are preserved in salt, vaccum sealed in a food saver bag and came with a little note and everything! I don't want to open them yet because chances are they smell like death, you better believe I want to wait till Monday to share that joy with my entire team.
The hipsterfication of everything.

The rebellion against hipsters.

The return of Community. Need I say more?
Also, explainabrag, I didn't make one spelling error in this post. My dyslexia's pride is being crushed.

Headache - something, such as a problem, that causes annoyance or trouble

Here is how I spent my Saturday.

Waking up, I walked from my bedroom, to the bathroom and back. Sitting back down on my bed I saw my feet had become blackened from the short trip. Time to clean. Not only did I clean my floors I also decided that after over a year of living with other people's cat prints on my walls, it was time for them to go as well. After cleaning the dirt spots off I now realise there is a blank wall in my room with nothing on it. Most disturbing.

After little consideration I decided I wanted to put up a tree in my room. Made of masking tape. An idea, I will admit, that was totally stolen from a classmate way cooler than me. It looks pretty good so far. It's not done. I'll put up pictures when it is.

Taking a break from what I can only describe as 'Masking Tape Smell Headache', Nick and I watched Victor/Victoria together. I started drinking one of the Margarita handles we had left over from our last party and have continued into my bedroom where I currently watch Beauty and the Beast.

It has been a lovely day of nothing.


Pessmist - a person who expects the worst

Woke up this morning feeling like Joseph Gordan-Levitt.

Last night was awesome. While still in school I used to go out each Thursday with a group of graduate students. When real life took over and required me to rise with the sun this tradition sadly got pushed to the wayside. Today though, I got to take a half day, which enabled me to meet up with my friends. It was only two of them this time. We closed out the bar. We talked. We made of fun of bitches with bitchy names (Bethany). I caught up on old department gossip that makes me feel one hundred years old. I was surprised to enter the bar and find that fun Kyle decided to come along. The personality where I am not bitchy, funny, charming and don't sulk in a corner listening to others conversations. I was shocked she decided to come, what with my being in Kentucky a mere eight hours earlier. I can't remember them in the harsh light of day but I do recall some zingers coming out of my mouth. I'm just a better around certain people.

This morning I rose late, which is an immediate brightener to my day. I actually took time to blow dry my hair and even though it still looks like crap, I love it. I feel cute in my new top with birds on it. Good coffee. Productive work day. Good day. Can't wait to see what ruins it.

I am a closet pessimist if nothing else.


Obese - a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health

Thoughts at the Orlando Airport
An irresponsibly obese lady cuts me in line so she doesn't have to go through the body scanners.
"I'm comin over here, I don't want to be groped."
Bitch, you couldn't pay anyone to grope you.
The body scanners make you stand like you're about to get deloused in a prison.
I have never rolled my eyes so much in a hour and a half.
The first time I'm allowed to drink at the airport and I can't because 1) it's too early 2) I have to work today.
The smell of au bon pain salads make me ill.

Thoughts on the plane as I count 15 babies boarding
Fucking. Shoot. Me.


Connection - a relation between things or events

The airport is an interesting place. People sitting around, ignoring each other. Only to get onto a very enclosed space to ignore each other some more.

When I was a child I flew from California to Ohio quite frequently. While on these flights I would immediately adopt the person next to me as my single serving parent. I would tell them about my life and my friends and put my trust in them to watch out for me over the next six hours or so. Most of the time it was a lovely couple or matronly grandmother. Occasionally I would get the unfriendly business man whose heart I would melt about two minutes in. Usually after the flight de-boarded I would hug them before running to whichever family member was at the gate waiting for me.

I used to be a lot friendlier. Now I bury my nose in a book.

This waiting area is making for some fabulous people watching. Close couples, even families are ignoring each other. Playing Nintendo DS or messing with their smart phones. One old man has a toy dog who is shaking so much they put some newspapers over it to keep it warm. You can tell this plane is headed to Florida. Half the passengers look like they're about to keel over at any moment.

Also as I sit here I am confronted with that plane fantasy. That fantasy where you sit with one empty seat next to you and just before the doors close one insanely attractive person jumps aboard. Oh and wouldn't you know it? They just happen to have a seat next to you. You begin a casual conversation. You laugh. You connect. You do not have sex on the plane because that's just not classy. Then as you de-board you happen to find out each other lives surprisingly close, you exchange numbers. The rest is history.

If that ever actually happened. I'm sure the last minute passenger would suddenly figure out they were on the wrong plane.


Tepid - (esp. of a liquid) Only slightly warm; lukewarm.

After a pretty amazing night at a theme party telling February to go fornicate with itself, my mother drove up to switch cars with me. She is taking my car south because it gets better mileage. My co-worker Becca also stayed the night so she didn't have to drive back home at two in the morning. We all went out to breakfast.

The diner we visited I especially like because before they even greet your table they give you a whole pot of coffee, just for you. Usually, they also give a pitcher or water. My mom does not drink coffee. When our server came with the coffee but no water I politely asked, "Could we also get a pitcher of water?" He came back with, "Well THAT depends, you want hot water in that pitcher? Or cold?"

I'm not a big fan of the 'jokey' waiter right out of the gate. It's the weekend, it's early, I'm clearly tired and hungry. Let's try and build a rapport before you shoot smart ass comments at me. So I respond the only way I know how, a dry smart ass comment.

"I'd actually prefer it tepid."

The only word I can use to describe his face is chagrined. He wanted a giggle and a straight answer. He didn't know what he was getting with me, a girl who only wanted her eggs. He storms away and returns with three water cups. Mine has maybe an inch of water in the glass.

My, my.


Awkwardness - Clumsily or unskillfully performed

As seems to be the theme with me of late, I didn't sleep well the other night.

I was in a hotel, it was raining. Rain is the perfect thing to get me sleepy. Then, 4:27 rolls around and I am what I can only describe as rocketed awake by very loud country music. I assume the alarm in the room next to me has gone off. Now that I am awake I have to use the WC and from thereon out things went downhill. I tossed and turned for the next two or so hours finally achieving sleep for a mere half hour before being woken up by my own alarm.

Foreseeing the need for excessive caffeine that day I stop at a Speedway to grab a coke, coffee, and a red bull for when things start to get really bad. If I ration these out throughout the next 8 hours or so, I just might make it.

During my orientation I kindly let everyone know about my dilemma stating, "If I'm a little loopy, you can blame the Froggy 101 station that went off next door two hours before I was supposed to get up."

One of the activities in my show deals with snakes. How to identify them, tell if they are venomous, etc. With my filter switched off for the day I maintain I had no control over the following words that escaped from my brain through my mouth.

"The big thing we want to teach here is you should never get this close to a snake to tell if they are venomous or not. Kids should learn to just leave wild snakes alone and not capture them and fling them around like my cousin Kevin did when he was a kid." This gets a laugh. I follow with a poignant pause and say, "Yeah....I miss him."

How uncomfortable.


Meta - transcending, or going above and beyond

DnD Night! I drove almost two hours from West Virginia and was in an incredibly manic mood.

During the encounter we came upon some statues that transferred players between two identical locations. At first I'm alone then somehow I summon Casey to my side. After a few checks I identify the statue as such:

"I think you can only travel between locations one way. It's like Terminator time travel. Wait, crap! That movie hasn't come out yet."
I spent the remainder of the night tickled by the idea of a meta rpg character.


Excitment - exhilaration: the feeling of lively and cheerful joy

Words cannot begin to describe the work day I had today.

I will try later. Pictures will suffice for now.


Midi-Chlorian - a stupid explanation

While working at my desk today, I decide to take a quick facebook break and stretch my sore muscles. I read the following status update from Nicole, one of my supervisors.
Just learned from a student that a non-contact force could be the Star Wars Force. Hadn't thought of that before!
To which Joe replied:
yes but aren't metachlorians physical things?
To which Nicole replied:
To which I replied:
I agree with Joe. Metachlorians make up the force therefore it is a contact force.

After the program, Nicole came to ask us what exactly midi-chlorian's were.

Me: Something made up by George Lucas as a horrible retcon.
Joe: Part of the three inadequate prequels to the original Star Wars trilogy.
We then tag team in giving a very brief description of midi-chlorian's that I won't bore you with. Suffice to say Nicole looks more confused than when we began.
Nicole: How do you know that?
Me: Well....because we're nerds..

We then move on to other topics but later I butt in with,
"But actually wouldn't the force still be a non-contact force? Because yes, the midi-chlorian's control the force, but they are in your blood and give you the power to use the force. So it could still be considered a non-contact force."

Ever later when we are eating lunch and Joe and I are trolling through our everyday sites we come upon today's Teefury shirt, which says, 'Han shot first'.
Joe: How appropriate. But didn't Greedo shoot first?
No worries I already put him out of his misery.

Even later we are still harping on the first three movies and I show Joe the following video.

EVEN LATER! We are prepping for a show and have a school with two different classes participating in one session. We are coming up with ideas of what to call the two different classes.

These include:
Alpha and Beta
Venture Bros and the Guild of Calamitous Intent
Jedi and Sith Lord
Giraffes and Panda
and my personal favorite
Seperatists and The Galactic Republic


Alone - Considered separately from all others of the same class

I wonder what it says of me that I gave up a night of gay bar hopping with my wonderful roommate to go back home and discuss Dune with Brandon.

Whatever it says, I like it. I had fun. That book is fucking good.

Now I'm going to go to the movies, alone. Then when that's done I think I'll sit in my fort and watch streaming Netflix while doing laundry, alone. The makings of an awesome Sunday.


Shame - cause to be ashamed

The following conversation takes place during Youtube Monday. A time where we intermittently watch the latest in movie trailers and oh-so-hilarious videos.

*The boys watch a trailer for Transformers The Dark Side of the Moon.*
Derek: This looks legit.
Chris: Yeah and no Megan Fox. It's like a win-win.
Joe: You know what I'm also excited for? Cowboys and Aliens.
Me: *butting in* You know what I'M excited for!? Jane Eyre. *I hold up my hands for high-fives* Am I right guys? *They cast a shaming silence onto me, then continue as if I had not spoken*
Joe: Also! New Daniel Craig movie?

Other things I'm excited for:
Uninterrupted Dune listening time.
Having a working computer on the road.
Seeing EG for Hire for lunch today.

Things I'm not excited for:
Going to Cleveland.
My fast developing hacking cough. This punch in the chest feeling has transformed into a pack a day smoker cough.


Fitful - Active or occurring spasmodically or intermittently; not regular or steady

The past two days at work we've had no programs. Our presenter can't get out of his driveway because of all the ice. I spent almost two hours yesterday checking inventory and listening to Dune on tape. I can only listen to books for so long before my brain is slowly turns to mush.

The past three nights have gone as follows:

Round three in the morning I wake up and have to pee.
For the next three minutes or so I lay in my bed trying to calculate how badly I have to pee and weigh the pros and cons of getting up versus just falling back to sleep and possibly peeing my bed.
Eventually I get up, trying not to look at any clocks and head to the bathroom. My feet are cold because I don't like wearing socks to bed. I hate wearing socks, it feels like I'm suffocating my feet. I miss wearing flip flops everywhere.
The past three nights as I look out the bathroom window I've seen the salt truck passing down our street, it's lights flashing.
I then get back into my semi warm bed that has quickly grown colder and attempt to force myself back to sleep.
Then I notice my mouth is dry.
I take a drink of water.
My chest still hurts. The last two days whenever I breath I feel bruised like someone punched my chest from the inside.
I cough. Take a shot of my inhaler.
Wait, why is Whoomp There It Is stuck in my head?
The past three nights this dance has continued till an unspecified time when eventually I fall back into a fitful sleep. As I wake up a few hours later to my phone alarm I consider calling in sick. Or calling in sleepy. But, at last, I get out and make coffee.

Today my coffee is bad.


Marriage - what brings us together today

"It's alive! IT'S ALLLLIIIIIIIIVVVEEEE!" Said as I plug my shiny new computer cord in and see that beautiful blue power light come on.

I am, once more, connected to the world.

It's odd, being without something one is so used to. I saw so many funny things over those two days, gone from memory now since I didn't have anything to type on and am too lazy to actually write anything out with my hands. I've always been poor at writing out anything, my brain moves too fast and my hands can't keep up. Or I write down something I'm hearing in place of what I'm actually thinking. That last thing it partially my own fault because I'm always under this impression that a much more interesting conversation is occurring nearby me. I could be talking face to face with Nick and really tuning into a discussion happening at the next table, maybe they have an interesting story. Maybe I could chime in...

Who are we kidding, I would die before actually engaging. I'm just a busybody.

One issue with this is that whenever too many people begin talking at once, I have a mini panic attack. I don't know where to focus my energy and even if one of these loud voices is directed at me I can't make it out. I don't do well in bars because of this. I wonder if this is because I am antisocial or if I'm antisocial because of this.

Recently I've also started to realize I can't read signals to save my life. In the not so distant past a friend informed me a boy was crushing on me pretty hard for about a year. My initial response was one of the WHAT!? variety. I had no clue. We had done plays together and became friends. Not good friends. More of, "Hey we have the same major. Let's chat together at parties." After my vehement denial of this apparent fact the friend gave several instances where this crush made himself known. I remember one of them very well.

I was in the green room, full of people, prepping for a show. I had my dinner ready for me, some various snacks I had stolen from the trunk of my car where I used to keep my food and a PB&J sandwich I had made the night before. This boy sits on the couches across the room and starts chatting with someone else, bemoaning the fact that he didn't have time to grab dinner for that night. For some reason Theatre kids are terrible at eating food on a regular schedule. I offer him my sandwich which he happily accepts.

"Wow. This is pretty good actually." He pauses, examining the sandwich, "Did you put peanut butter on both slices of bread?"
"Yeah. It keeps the jelly from making the bread all soggy."
"That's...ingenious. Well thank you for giving up part of your dinner. You didn't have to do that."
"Well I most likely wasn't going to eat it anyway. I made two last night, overestimating my hunger and ended up eating one in my bed while watching 30 Rock and drinking red wine."
He then gives me this look, it's very quick, almost like he's trying to visualize me doing this. This amusement comes over his face and a quick burst of laughter escapes his mouth and he sputters.
"Oh my god..............Will you marry me?"


Luminescent - The light so emitted

I am under the impression that wanting to sleep a lot might mean you are depressed. Though I'm slowly tricking my brain into thinking I'm just 'catching up' from the four years of poor sleep habits fueled by endless rehearsals, work and attempting to be a sociable human being. Or I could just be seasonally depressed.

Any other day I could look this up on a resourceful website like wikipedia or about.com. Not this morning though.

I woke up to the sounds of our fourth roommate moving out. I had set my alarm for much later hoping to be able to sleep in this morning. But it was almost 10 so I can't begrudge her that. 10 is a perfectly reasonable time to move out. So instead I sat up and pulled out my computer hoping to clear some more disk space so I could transfer some files to my computer. Last night Brandon gave me Dune audio books that would be perfect for me to listen to while I travel to the exotic locales of Akron, Bolivar and Mingo Junction (it's a real town, look it up).

Hoping to at least get the first book on Dudley, my ipod, I start to mess with my power cord. This is the second cord I've had for this laptop. The first, after five years of use decided one day it'd be a great idea to stop supplying power so I bought an off brand replacement in the meantime until I could save up the money for a proper new computer. Funny story though, this cord is starting to suck too. I have to create just the right amount of tension and tuck the cord under the laptop to get that little blue power light to go on.

However, this morning no matter what I did the light just wouldn't come on. I look closer, squinting without my glasses on and see that one side of the cord has been completely stripped. Little golden copper wires are sticking up in all directions and resemble a child's hair if they were to put a fork into an electrical socket. Without a second thought I smooth out the wires with my nail and begin to attempt a reconnect when sparks, literally, fly.

In retrospect this sounds like a dumb thing to do. But in my job we operate under the idea that you can fix almost anything that is broken with a little gumption and ingenuity. That and duct tape. I did this multiple times with electric conductor detectors in the energy show, so why shouldn't it work now? Though on further thought this may be the reason I've been sitting on a power cord with exposed wiring for a few months now.

Attachment - a feeling of affection for a person or an institution

I've got nothing.

My character got close to dying in D&D tonight and I didn't realize how attached I was to her till just then. I got snappy and mean and afterwards felt bad.

I also feel like I'm overdue for some sort of emotional break down. I can't pinpoint it but something has just felt off lately.


Botulism - food poisoning from ingesting botulin

Lately I've tried to get more creative with my food. Tonight I made grilled cheese but decided to add a small portion of goat cheese I had that couldn't really be used in anything else. I also had one can of tomato soup and found a bag of pita chips that weren't really chips anymore but rather crumbs. So that got added to that.
The grilled cheese was magnificent but when I went to heat up the soup I noticed the can was dented.

Having recently finished Y: The Last Man I developed a fear of botulism. At one point Yorick eats a can of dented soup and almost dies. After I move my food out to the table I eat my sandwich but suddenly I think that soup doesn't quite look right. I eat a bit but halfway through my fear overcomes me and I let it go cold. When I google botulism I see if you cook things at 250° for three minutes it gets rid of it. But now my soup is cold.

Static - inactive: not in physical motion

I'm sitting at my desk for the first time in over a month. After flittering around the state for two weeks it's nice to sit at my desk and complete mundane tasks. Catch up on silly work gossip. Looking at Gecko's.

I did get to spend the night in my own bed a few nights my last week of training. One night, Nick and I decided to spend our evening doing, 'booze, food, and netflix'. Toward the end of the night I picked up my phone which had been on silent all night. Upon opening it I received a text from my dad essentially telling me my grandma had a stroke and was going to die very soon. The highlight being '...thought you'd want to know. Dad. (SAY A PRAYER)' Sometimes I want to give up on technology. The sheer ease with which some information is sent and received astonishes me. My brain turned to static for a bit and I made the mistake of calling him which only served to upset me further.

I then called my mom who, after some time, was able to calm me down. Funnily enough, I was heading down to her neck of the woods the next day to perform at a nearby school. Knowing a hug from your mother is only a mere hour away is an unexplainable comfort.

Once in Chillicothe I was driving around the downtown area and noticed the old comic shop there has closed. Boo. In its place is now a store which serves no purpose to the former tenants patrons. A mountain bike store. Replacing what was once the swinging sign that hung about fifteen feet in the air is now a bike. Obviously serving the purpose of a more three dimensional type. This bike sign seems to be hanging mystically from the pipes on the side of the brick building. I squint as I push my glasses up my nose trying to discern what is holding it up.
Fishing wire.
I can't wait for the article to come from that days paper.
"Pedestrian crushed by falling bike"

It was also this evening in Chillicothe I started to feel the tickle in my throat that led to my sickness. I began to mainline Constant Comment Tea in hopes of deferring it till the weekend.

After returning home I was awoken Saturday morning by a phone call from my dad. Sometime during the night my voice decided to run off and take a break elsewhere so I did not answer. I already knew what he was going to say. My grandma was cool. She lived in a pink house, taught me how to cook eggs and love vegetables. She was also 95, it was time.


Adventure - An undertaking of a questionable nature

So I'm sick and don't want to go back to sleep. I also don't want to leave my warm bed. Time to start the manic checking of all my Internet haunts.
No one gets on Facebook on Saturdays.
No good fanfiction is around.
I've watched all of Dr. Who.
Let's see what's on Twitter.
Oooo! An article of 10 Wikipedia entries for their 10 year anniversary. That'll do.
Fan Death.
Dance Plague.
List of unusual deaths?
This leads me to what will inevitably be a three hour session of what I like to call choose your own adventure wikipedia.

I could go into detail, but you probably already get it. Read article, click related links or links to things you don't know about. Know more. In the past I've wasted entire days doing this. Once I went from Disney Golden Age to Beauty and the Beast to Stockholm syndrome to Patty Hearst and Lima syndrome. It's incredibly addictive and a great time waster.

For example:
I start off with a List of unusual deaths page.
The first one states that Draco, Athenian law-maker, was smothered to death by gifts of cloaks showered upon him by appreciative citizens at a theatre on Aegina. Holy crap.
I then scroll down to read that when Kind Herod died he had foot drop. What the hell is foot drop? Thinking it may have to do with limbs randomly falling off I learn it is more akin to sciatic nerve pain which I am woefully aware of.
Continuing on I read Sigurd the Mighty of Orkney strapped the head of his defeated foe, Máel Brigte, to his horse's saddle. The teeth of this head grazed against his leg as he rode, causing an infection that killed him.
What the what!?

This will undoubtedly go on for hours and I will end up reading up on some random topic like Codex Seraphinianus. Which, if you've never heard of it, you should read up on.

Ill - affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function

It happened.
I got sick.
Now it's just a matter of who to blame. Casey, Patrick, or Nick.

In a misery loves company way I was glad to find out Brandon got sick too.


Travel - change location; move, travel, or proceed

I've been traveling for my job for two weeks now and have been stupid busy and tired. Not to mention a wave of sickness that has come over my house in the past month. The first down in the battle were Nick and Parv. Nick is just now getting better and it has been almost a month. Now Casey is down with something. I wish I had one of those bio hazard suits from E.T. that I could crawl into. I would sit in my room breathing funny and watch TV on my computer, which when you really think about it isn't too much of a departure from my everyday routine.

Really none of this excuses the fact that I haven't been updating.

A short list of shows I'm currently obsessing over for the first time or re-watching:
Pushing Daisies
30 Rock
Battlestar Galactica
Doctor Who (Series 5)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Arrested Development


Segment - a portion cut off from a geometric figure by one or more points

I have spent the majority of this day, playing the part of a shady hotel shut in. Eating M&M's and watching a CSI marathon....lots of people are killed in hotel rooms, this is not conducive to my current mental state.

Travel days (days where I have most of the morning and afternoon off between schools) always make me feel like a waste. If I want to go out and do anything touristy or adventurous I must be out of bed before 10 am. This proves harder than is actually sounds.

Most of the time I end up doing what I did today, watching SVU and CSI marathons and playng 'choose your own adventure' on Wikipedia. I miss the good ole' days when I'd travel to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and geek out for four hours.

As of today, I'm in Dean Martin's hometown. Steubenville. Something I've gained from this week is I still don't like traveling with people. I worry I'm starting to get sour to a point that no one will want to be around me at all anymore. I spend all my positive energy on hugging five year olds and small talking with parents of five year olds. I can't segment.


Birth - the time when something begins (especially life)

I turned 24 today. I have this theory that 21 is the last milestone birthday before you turn 25 and can rent a car. Everything in between and after that is just sort of a wash.
So I thought instead of making resolutions for the New Year, which are always broken, I would make a list of things I still don't or can't do after all these years. Things that I may want to change, or not change. But when I was a little kid I assumed these were the things I would have figured out by now.

A small list of things I still haven't learned to do in my twenty three years of life.

Cook food without burning it. Grilled Cheese and Eggs are the main victims here. I also can't do toast very well.

Analyze the deeper meaning of anything. I've always hated doing this in school: books, movies, music. I only take things at face value, this almost always leads to problems down the line, mostly in conversation.
Read signals. Any kind. This deals with the above mentioned but more so with people.

Drive stick. I feel there is something innately bad ass about this.

Knit anything besides a scarf. Or a knit stitch. I have a book. I have friends who knit. I have the ability to break this pattern. Yet I don't.

How to call people and/or talk to them on the phone. We are still old enemies, the phone and I.

Let my anger out in a healthy way. When I was little I boil over and bite people. Hard. Now I just turn into a total bitch and give a biting remark. Wordplay!

When to say 'no'.

Not burning my tongue on hot chocolate, coffee, or tea.


Hop a fence. I mean like both legs over at the same time.

Ride a skateboard, surfboard, ski, or learn any kind of coordinated sport besides bike riding.

Put my folded laundry away. The cleaning and drying part always go fine. There is still a little kink in the step where the clothes actually find their way back into their homes. This leads to picking random outfits from piles and many, many mismatched socks.

I'm sure there are more.
What are some things you thought you would've figured out by now?