Awkwardness - Clumsily or unskillfully performed

As seems to be the theme with me of late, I didn't sleep well the other night.

I was in a hotel, it was raining. Rain is the perfect thing to get me sleepy. Then, 4:27 rolls around and I am what I can only describe as rocketed awake by very loud country music. I assume the alarm in the room next to me has gone off. Now that I am awake I have to use the WC and from thereon out things went downhill. I tossed and turned for the next two or so hours finally achieving sleep for a mere half hour before being woken up by my own alarm.

Foreseeing the need for excessive caffeine that day I stop at a Speedway to grab a coke, coffee, and a red bull for when things start to get really bad. If I ration these out throughout the next 8 hours or so, I just might make it.

During my orientation I kindly let everyone know about my dilemma stating, "If I'm a little loopy, you can blame the Froggy 101 station that went off next door two hours before I was supposed to get up."

One of the activities in my show deals with snakes. How to identify them, tell if they are venomous, etc. With my filter switched off for the day I maintain I had no control over the following words that escaped from my brain through my mouth.

"The big thing we want to teach here is you should never get this close to a snake to tell if they are venomous or not. Kids should learn to just leave wild snakes alone and not capture them and fling them around like my cousin Kevin did when he was a kid." This gets a laugh. I follow with a poignant pause and say, "Yeah....I miss him."

How uncomfortable.

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