Tepid - (esp. of a liquid) Only slightly warm; lukewarm.

After a pretty amazing night at a theme party telling February to go fornicate with itself, my mother drove up to switch cars with me. She is taking my car south because it gets better mileage. My co-worker Becca also stayed the night so she didn't have to drive back home at two in the morning. We all went out to breakfast.

The diner we visited I especially like because before they even greet your table they give you a whole pot of coffee, just for you. Usually, they also give a pitcher or water. My mom does not drink coffee. When our server came with the coffee but no water I politely asked, "Could we also get a pitcher of water?" He came back with, "Well THAT depends, you want hot water in that pitcher? Or cold?"

I'm not a big fan of the 'jokey' waiter right out of the gate. It's the weekend, it's early, I'm clearly tired and hungry. Let's try and build a rapport before you shoot smart ass comments at me. So I respond the only way I know how, a dry smart ass comment.

"I'd actually prefer it tepid."

The only word I can use to describe his face is chagrined. He wanted a giggle and a straight answer. He didn't know what he was getting with me, a girl who only wanted her eggs. He storms away and returns with three water cups. Mine has maybe an inch of water in the glass.

My, my.

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