Shame - cause to be ashamed

The following conversation takes place during Youtube Monday. A time where we intermittently watch the latest in movie trailers and oh-so-hilarious videos.

*The boys watch a trailer for Transformers The Dark Side of the Moon.*
Derek: This looks legit.
Chris: Yeah and no Megan Fox. It's like a win-win.
Joe: You know what I'm also excited for? Cowboys and Aliens.
Me: *butting in* You know what I'M excited for!? Jane Eyre. *I hold up my hands for high-fives* Am I right guys? *They cast a shaming silence onto me, then continue as if I had not spoken*
Joe: Also! New Daniel Craig movie?

Other things I'm excited for:
Uninterrupted Dune listening time.
Having a working computer on the road.
Seeing EG for Hire for lunch today.

Things I'm not excited for:
Going to Cleveland.
My fast developing hacking cough. This punch in the chest feeling has transformed into a pack a day smoker cough.

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