Pessmist - a person who expects the worst

Woke up this morning feeling like Joseph Gordan-Levitt.

Last night was awesome. While still in school I used to go out each Thursday with a group of graduate students. When real life took over and required me to rise with the sun this tradition sadly got pushed to the wayside. Today though, I got to take a half day, which enabled me to meet up with my friends. It was only two of them this time. We closed out the bar. We talked. We made of fun of bitches with bitchy names (Bethany). I caught up on old department gossip that makes me feel one hundred years old. I was surprised to enter the bar and find that fun Kyle decided to come along. The personality where I am not bitchy, funny, charming and don't sulk in a corner listening to others conversations. I was shocked she decided to come, what with my being in Kentucky a mere eight hours earlier. I can't remember them in the harsh light of day but I do recall some zingers coming out of my mouth. I'm just a better around certain people.

This morning I rose late, which is an immediate brightener to my day. I actually took time to blow dry my hair and even though it still looks like crap, I love it. I feel cute in my new top with birds on it. Good coffee. Productive work day. Good day. Can't wait to see what ruins it.

I am a closet pessimist if nothing else.

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