Connection - a relation between things or events

The airport is an interesting place. People sitting around, ignoring each other. Only to get onto a very enclosed space to ignore each other some more.

When I was a child I flew from California to Ohio quite frequently. While on these flights I would immediately adopt the person next to me as my single serving parent. I would tell them about my life and my friends and put my trust in them to watch out for me over the next six hours or so. Most of the time it was a lovely couple or matronly grandmother. Occasionally I would get the unfriendly business man whose heart I would melt about two minutes in. Usually after the flight de-boarded I would hug them before running to whichever family member was at the gate waiting for me.

I used to be a lot friendlier. Now I bury my nose in a book.

This waiting area is making for some fabulous people watching. Close couples, even families are ignoring each other. Playing Nintendo DS or messing with their smart phones. One old man has a toy dog who is shaking so much they put some newspapers over it to keep it warm. You can tell this plane is headed to Florida. Half the passengers look like they're about to keel over at any moment.

Also as I sit here I am confronted with that plane fantasy. That fantasy where you sit with one empty seat next to you and just before the doors close one insanely attractive person jumps aboard. Oh and wouldn't you know it? They just happen to have a seat next to you. You begin a casual conversation. You laugh. You connect. You do not have sex on the plane because that's just not classy. Then as you de-board you happen to find out each other lives surprisingly close, you exchange numbers. The rest is history.

If that ever actually happened. I'm sure the last minute passenger would suddenly figure out they were on the wrong plane.

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