Cookies - a small, flat-baked treat, usually containing fat, flour, eggs and sugar.

I've been up since 9AM and am about to start my fifth batch of cookies. (As of 3PM) So far I've made Snickerdoodles and now I'm experimenting with chocolate chip butterscotch cookies. I can't stop. I've literally been listening to The Nerdist podcast all morning and keep making cookies from scratch.

I think it's a make up from being a laze all day yesterday. Getting up out of bed just to move to the couch; wear an ugly sweater and watch Battlestar Galactica and Wizard People. I think I just ate cheese its, sour patch kids, and cherry cola yesterday.

Some sort of mini blizzard came through today. I like to believe seasonal depression isn't a real thing, but today may change my mind. I had to force myself to leave the house and go to the store; I feel like an agoraphobic. The past week on the road I felt like I was one snide comment away from bursting into sobs. I can't pinpoint the trigger though. It's just as if this slight overcast is following me around constantly.

But let me nerd out on BSG for a bit. I just started watching it with a group of new friends that I watch True Blood with on Sundays. Once that season ended we started BSG. And now I can't stop. I also can't stop myself from looking at the wikipedia page online. I've already spoiled so much for myself like I did with Buffy but my ADD can't help itself. Although even with knowing who is a Cylon and pretty much what happens in the end, I'm still really enjoying the show and most of the time am on the edge of my seat. I've always been into great character stories regardless of genre. Pedistrain stories are a dime a dozen and I think the fantastical aspect of stories in the fantasty and scifi genre have been what's kept me coming back year after year. I'm almost done with season 1 and so far I love it. The idea of this huge fleet, yet you never see real sunlight or get to leave this enormous ship. I'm excited to watch the whole series. Even if it does put a damper on my social life.

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