End - A result; an outcome.

Derek asked what a hipster is...
Joe: It's hard to quantify. Basically you can look at Kyle and know what a hipster is. But even she isn't really a hipster. I mean look at this nerdy shirt she's wearing (This one) there are maybe a handful of people that get that shirt. (This makes no sense cause by reason this makes me even more of a hipster)
Me: People have said I'm a nerd with hipster like tendincies!

It feels like a lot of people are ready to sweep 2010 under the bathroom rug like yesterdays stray hairs. I, on the other hand, loved this year. It held alot of changes for me. Some good and some bad.
Bullet points of the good:
-Best summer ever
-Living in a new house with amazing folks

So to all the new friends I've made. I like you all alot or else I wouldn't talk to you.
To all the friends I lost to the south. I miss you.
To Tina Fey, please be my friend.
To all three readers of this blog. Thanks for indulging me. I love you.

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