Snow- Frozen precipitation in the form of white ice crystals that fall in soft, white flakes.

Light reflecting off the snow outside my window forces me to sleep in less than I'd like to.

I woke up with this sudden craving for Wendy's, probably because I was watching The Waitress is getting married; yeah that's gross. I also have this urge to walk there in the snow. But I think the Wendy's is at least a mile away and my food would most certainly be cold before I returned home. Now, suddenly I'm remembering two years ago.

It was when the blizzard came through. Rachel and I decided to stay at her pre-fiance Steve's apartment. His heat was better and cheaper. He also had a nicer TV. Sometime around Saturday night when the streets still hadn't been plowed, I realized I was out of asthma medicine. Steve's cat Chewbacca wasn't helping my breathing, so I called in a prescription to the drug store across Kenny Road. Then Rachel ventured with me to retrieve my medicine.

The road looked like this: smooth undisturbed snow with two very deep tire tracks running up either side of the usually busy roadway. Few brave people are in their cars facing this level two mess so we should be able to cross the road without much incident. As we begin, we do see a car down the way that hasn't even crossed Henderson Road, we have plenty of time. We cross the south bound side of the road without incident, commenting on how nice everything will look until the plow trucks come through and snow eventually will turn brown and dirty. Rachel bounds over the north bound side like a rabbit. She has lived here her entire life and is used to dealing with this expulsion of the sky. As I begin my crossing, I take a misstep and place my foot within one of the deep tire tracks that is now slick and covered in ice.

I fall like a Hanna Barbera character, legs up in the air, ending up with my face in the snow and my ass presented to the night sky. The car is now crossing Henderson Road. Ah, shit.

I try to right myself but now cannot get out of the deep tracks. I keep slipping. I can't even get to my knees. At this point I begin to actually get a bit scared. I am wearing dark clothes and I'm not sure if this car will see me. When I get scared I begin to laugh. I also am laughing because this is pretty silly, sliding around in an icy divot.

 I scream and laugh, "Code Red! Code Red! Abort!" Rachel unleashes a fake girlie scream and comes back out into the snow covered street to help me up. As she gets me up we both begin to slip and legitimately scream together as a light bulb appears over my head and I yell, "Do a barrel roll!" We both roll out of the road and next to our current abandoned townhouse's welcome sign, a rock. It says Hearthstone.

We are catching our breath. Well, Rachel is. I'm having an Asthma attack. We look down the street and see the car that was supposed to ultimately lead to our doom hasn't made much progress in the snow. We get to laughing again and once my breathing is under a semblance of control, we continue our quest for Albuterol.

I think I'll drive to Wendy's.

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