Pessimistic - expecting the worst possible outcome

Ugh. I just read a facetious account of unemployment on a blog. Yes, it was written for laughs but jesus....I don't ever want to be that person. Living off of credit and surviving job to job as a 'starving arist.'

I love what I studied. I studied what I wanted to. Theatre. Design. Acting. Sure, now I realize I will never get anywhere real with an undergrad in arts. But shit, at least I was happy doing it, right? I can't say enough how happy I am to have a 'real job' doing something I love.

Last week I ran into an old college professor. She is insane and I love her. In between her hugging me and telling me how 'trendy' I looked in my old coat she asked what I was up to in this certain voice. I know this voice, it's how theatre people ask each other about their job status, somewhat tense, hoping for good news, but deep, deep down expecting to hear something like, "I'm still a waiter at the Denny's." Happily for me and possibly her, this is not one of those cases. I give her a brief discription, she lights up and replies, "OH! So you perform for a living!" Relief washes over her face. I come to realize she has been professoring for what must be over twenty years at this point. How many stories has she heard? The pessimist inside me says a lot more sad than good ones.

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