Snippet - A small piece of something

A snippet of actual conversation between my mother and I.

Mom: What are you watching?
Me: A modern retelling of Alice in Wonderland....
Mom: Oh...........Is it British?
Me: No. It was aired on SciFi. But I mean, yes, there are British people in it.
Mom: Ah....Okay. So what's new in Kyle?
Me: Ummmm.. nothing. I was hit in the face with a hammer and rolled a nat 20 arcana....
Mom: *walks away*

I went home too early. That is, I went home early yesterday afternoon, thinking I could occupy myself for many days with cleaning, reading, knitting, cooking, baking. Wrong. It felt like I'd arrived to a movie set too early. So I watched this modern retelling of Alice on my computer. Then I watched it with commentary. Then I found myself feeling very anxious. Then I wanted to go back to my own bed as soon as possible. It was the first time ever I didn't find infinite comfort in my mother's house.

I fell asleep that night on the couch watching Adult Swim and was awoken by my cat every few hours. I then transferred to what is generally considered my 'bedroom' in the house. But it is a creepy bedroom. It once housed a pretty antique bed frame adorned with beautiful ornate carvings. But it was old and the wood frame broke one night while I was, in fact, asleep on it. After my grandparents died, one of their hospital beds replaced it. To be quite honest it freaks me out. I have this dark fantasy that if I sleep there it will malfunction and break me in half. Regardless, I did not sleep but read three sections of Y: The Last Man then decided to head back to Columbus and do some Christmas shopping I had 'forgotten' about.

Strange, I normally feel anxiousness and unease anywhere but my mom's house. In the past I felt as if I could spend days there and just sink into the couch. Today I wanted escape. There is nowhere to escape in Chillicothe, Ohio.

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