Undisclosed - not made known

I always have strange dreams around the time weather turns cold. For instance, last night I dreamt I was snorting cocaine while PAing for a Canadian news channel. During the night the scenarios constantly shift and meld into each other. Then for some reason it's a bunch of twenty somethings watching a Pokemon movie in a 200 seat theatre. Not an empty seat in the house. I'm about to leave when I'm pulled on to the lap of a man whose lap I honestly don't mind sitting on.

I enjoy human contact. But whenever someone else touches me I still get jumpy and embarrassed.

The movie turns out to be epically boring and everyone begins to nod off, including me and this boy. Absentmindedly he begins to ghost his hands over my arms. Up. Down. Up. Circle. Down.

It's nice. I feel at ease. I wish I could be this relaxed in real life.

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