Botulism - food poisoning from ingesting botulin

Lately I've tried to get more creative with my food. Tonight I made grilled cheese but decided to add a small portion of goat cheese I had that couldn't really be used in anything else. I also had one can of tomato soup and found a bag of pita chips that weren't really chips anymore but rather crumbs. So that got added to that.
The grilled cheese was magnificent but when I went to heat up the soup I noticed the can was dented.

Having recently finished Y: The Last Man I developed a fear of botulism. At one point Yorick eats a can of dented soup and almost dies. After I move my food out to the table I eat my sandwich but suddenly I think that soup doesn't quite look right. I eat a bit but halfway through my fear overcomes me and I let it go cold. When I google botulism I see if you cook things at 250° for three minutes it gets rid of it. But now my soup is cold.

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