Segment - a portion cut off from a geometric figure by one or more points

I have spent the majority of this day, playing the part of a shady hotel shut in. Eating M&M's and watching a CSI marathon....lots of people are killed in hotel rooms, this is not conducive to my current mental state.

Travel days (days where I have most of the morning and afternoon off between schools) always make me feel like a waste. If I want to go out and do anything touristy or adventurous I must be out of bed before 10 am. This proves harder than is actually sounds.

Most of the time I end up doing what I did today, watching SVU and CSI marathons and playng 'choose your own adventure' on Wikipedia. I miss the good ole' days when I'd travel to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and geek out for four hours.

As of today, I'm in Dean Martin's hometown. Steubenville. Something I've gained from this week is I still don't like traveling with people. I worry I'm starting to get sour to a point that no one will want to be around me at all anymore. I spend all my positive energy on hugging five year olds and small talking with parents of five year olds. I can't segment.

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