Luminescent - The light so emitted

I am under the impression that wanting to sleep a lot might mean you are depressed. Though I'm slowly tricking my brain into thinking I'm just 'catching up' from the four years of poor sleep habits fueled by endless rehearsals, work and attempting to be a sociable human being. Or I could just be seasonally depressed.

Any other day I could look this up on a resourceful website like wikipedia or about.com. Not this morning though.

I woke up to the sounds of our fourth roommate moving out. I had set my alarm for much later hoping to be able to sleep in this morning. But it was almost 10 so I can't begrudge her that. 10 is a perfectly reasonable time to move out. So instead I sat up and pulled out my computer hoping to clear some more disk space so I could transfer some files to my computer. Last night Brandon gave me Dune audio books that would be perfect for me to listen to while I travel to the exotic locales of Akron, Bolivar and Mingo Junction (it's a real town, look it up).

Hoping to at least get the first book on Dudley, my ipod, I start to mess with my power cord. This is the second cord I've had for this laptop. The first, after five years of use decided one day it'd be a great idea to stop supplying power so I bought an off brand replacement in the meantime until I could save up the money for a proper new computer. Funny story though, this cord is starting to suck too. I have to create just the right amount of tension and tuck the cord under the laptop to get that little blue power light to go on.

However, this morning no matter what I did the light just wouldn't come on. I look closer, squinting without my glasses on and see that one side of the cord has been completely stripped. Little golden copper wires are sticking up in all directions and resemble a child's hair if they were to put a fork into an electrical socket. Without a second thought I smooth out the wires with my nail and begin to attempt a reconnect when sparks, literally, fly.

In retrospect this sounds like a dumb thing to do. But in my job we operate under the idea that you can fix almost anything that is broken with a little gumption and ingenuity. That and duct tape. I did this multiple times with electric conductor detectors in the energy show, so why shouldn't it work now? Though on further thought this may be the reason I've been sitting on a power cord with exposed wiring for a few months now.

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