Birth - the time when something begins (especially life)

I turned 24 today. I have this theory that 21 is the last milestone birthday before you turn 25 and can rent a car. Everything in between and after that is just sort of a wash.
So I thought instead of making resolutions for the New Year, which are always broken, I would make a list of things I still don't or can't do after all these years. Things that I may want to change, or not change. But when I was a little kid I assumed these were the things I would have figured out by now.

A small list of things I still haven't learned to do in my twenty three years of life.

Cook food without burning it. Grilled Cheese and Eggs are the main victims here. I also can't do toast very well.

Analyze the deeper meaning of anything. I've always hated doing this in school: books, movies, music. I only take things at face value, this almost always leads to problems down the line, mostly in conversation.
Read signals. Any kind. This deals with the above mentioned but more so with people.

Drive stick. I feel there is something innately bad ass about this.

Knit anything besides a scarf. Or a knit stitch. I have a book. I have friends who knit. I have the ability to break this pattern. Yet I don't.

How to call people and/or talk to them on the phone. We are still old enemies, the phone and I.

Let my anger out in a healthy way. When I was little I boil over and bite people. Hard. Now I just turn into a total bitch and give a biting remark. Wordplay!

When to say 'no'.

Not burning my tongue on hot chocolate, coffee, or tea.


Hop a fence. I mean like both legs over at the same time.

Ride a skateboard, surfboard, ski, or learn any kind of coordinated sport besides bike riding.

Put my folded laundry away. The cleaning and drying part always go fine. There is still a little kink in the step where the clothes actually find their way back into their homes. This leads to picking random outfits from piles and many, many mismatched socks.

I'm sure there are more.
What are some things you thought you would've figured out by now?

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