"Alright, another example of a contact force is friction. In order to show you this I want everyone to take there hands and clasp them together like this. Now I want you to rub your hands back and forth like a mad scientist. Muahahaha!"

I awoke at six am today for a show at seven, so obviously my insomnia decided to make a full comeback last night. My brain and body do the most absurd things during this time. As I am about to fall back to sleep I suddenly get an itch on the crown of my head or my knuckles need to be cracked. At the exact moment between sleep and wakefulness I get hypnic jerks in my legs or arms and think I'm about to fall off my bed. This time my brain decided to randomly go over the chronology of various Jackass shows and what order they aired in. It's 2:48am, I know if I turn on a light to read I'm doomed. So my mind remains in this insipid place; thinking about Johnny Knoxville.

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