Some people say I've done alright for a girl

My memory has been very touch and go lately.

Today I forgot how to spell the name of a childhood friend. She had an uncommon name, like me, though this is not why we became friends. The first day of pre school being cripplingly terrifying, like most children left alone for the first time, I cry. She approaches, we become best friends, we stay that way until I move away. End of story. It made me very sad to forget her name. I tried google stalking her but to no avail, my internet stalking talent only extends to the walls of the facebook kingdom. I wonder if we'd be friends if we met today and not our first day of preschool. I want to know if her grandma is still alive.

In spite of this lapse I can still recite nearly every line from 30 Rock and Community episodes. I can remember obscure facts about costume and architectural periods. I remember tons of random phone numbers but can't recall who they call. I know songs but can never identify the artist who sings it.

I do remember when we were little, we'd play in her front yard. Pretend to be in what was probably a 19th century London workhouse with a cruel overseer. We'd spend our time escaping work and instead would save snails from the overseer by throwing them over her fence. I was a strange child. Still am.

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