Shadowy - Full of shadows

*Note: This actually happened to my very good friend who recently moved to NYC.*
Me at Forbidden Planet today: "Look! Doctor Who stuff! Hey, they have sonic screwdrivers!"
My friend (who also likes sci-fi nerdy things but is more into Star Trek): "Why do they look different?"
Me: "They are from different Doctors. This one is the eleventh doctor's, and this one is the tenth doctor's, and this one is the third!"
My friend: *fierce judgment* "Umm... how do you know that?"
Me (defensively): "It's on the boxes!! It says it on the boxes! I didn't just *know* that!"
[awkward pause]
"Although I may have known that by looking if it didn't say, at least for eleven and ten."
My friend: *sad judgment*

It's been radio silence lately. My week has been decisively un-nerdy and stupidly busy. All I've done is worked then I've been so tired from said work when I get home I immediately sit on my couch and catch up on movies I've been missing out on. For quick reviews in ten words or less,
RED: Boring, though Helen Mirren is still smoking hot.
Social Network: Better than expected, excited to see Andrew Garfield as Spiderman.
Some Kind of Wonderful: Eric Stoltz is beautiful. Pretty in Pink with a better ending.
Toy Story 3: Still makes me miss my childhood. Monkeys are scary.

This is literally the only cool thing that happened to me this week. Here I am, driving home from work, talking to Joe on the phone. I need to change lanes, I put my signal on and check my blind spot. Oh wait, where did that car come from? Why is it purple? In my blind spot is an 80's PURPLE Lincoln, just like in the Batman movie circa 1989 Tim Burton version!

I have this feeling of unease. I keep seeing things in my periphery that aren't really there. Driving has become erratic. Conversations I'm convinced happened turn out to be an invention of my dreams. Unnerving. Days past I would have fancied myself at the start of my own personal adventure story, playing the main character who is in a slight rut but mostly happy, then my world is turned upside down by a shadowy figure. That delusion is almost preferable to this anxiety.

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