I feel like a star should shoot over my head

Toward the end of the day a kid approaches me. He is somehow short yet incredibly lanky at the same time; he wears a green striped zip up and black jeans which would be an excellent outfit if he were only allowed to wear a newsboy hat with it. But alas, that don't allow hats in school anymore.

He asks me, "Do I have to make slime?"
"You don't want to?"
"Not really, I mean I know I should want to cause everyone else wants to, but I'd rather just spend more time at the other tables."
"That's fine. I just want to make sure everyone gets a chance, you don't have to if you don't want to."
"You're not going to make me?"
"No way dude, just cause everyone else wants to do something doesn't mean you have to too. That's your prerogative."
"Oh. Okay."
"Cool. Up top!"
We high five. He runs off. I wash my hands.

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