The battle of wits has begun

When I was in college, one of the kids in my department had a very similar name to me: Kyler. This was too close for comfort, who did he think he was? Having a name someone else chose for him so close to mine, he had to be stopped. I don't remember who moved first but ever since my junior year, we two have been engaged in a fierce battle. This has materialized in glaring contests, Suzuki and Viewpoint battles, and general venom spat in each others direction.

A time of peace settled over the war ground after Kyler got a chance to kill me in a Sketch By Number show (You'll have to forgive my terrible acting here). But today the battle hath begun again. This blog being posted started the whole thing. The following occurred on facebook chat between the hours of 10:35 and 10:40.

Me: Your so nice to me
Kyler: You thought this was over, but really it was just a ploy to hit you while you're vulnerable
Me: It was never over Kyler. It will never be over.
One day, you'll forget to look over your shoulder
and when that day comes....
I'll probably be in a coffe shop reading.
and learning to spell
Kyler: That's right. And I'll be at that coffee shop putting poison in your latte
Me: Nice try. I don't drink lattes.
Kyler: mocha
Me: I only drink coffee; that I grind with my bare hands. Like Chuck Norris.
Kyler: badass
Me: You know it
Kyler: Just wait, your time will come
Me: We'll see....we will see.
Kyler: fine!
*Kyler has signed off*

I will end him.

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