Proud moments of the day: Joe bought an awesome shirt from TeeFury (to summarize, it's a bomb that is made up of several smaller bombs from movies and pop culture) and Derek and I spent some time examining the shirt to figure out what each was from which happened pretty quickly as it's a very geeky shirt. At some point I turned back to my computer to work on something, a minute later Derek and Joe were stuck on one. I turn back around and glance at it,
"'You are one ugly mutherfucker.' It's Predator."
"Hey, you're right! Nice call, Kyle!" cue the high five.
Looks like all nights of shunning social interaction finally paid off.

After our meeting the entire team goes out to lunch together, as Mondays are a rare time we are all together. During said lunch, I begin to tell a story to Chris about an epic DnD session last week. Jonathan, whom I love dearly, begins to speak in typical 'nerd voice' and pantomiming pushing glasses up his nose. Chris and I  simultaneously and unexpectedly release the nerd rage we've been bottling up since seventh grade and simultaneously shout, "Fuck you! It's awesome! Play it and ONLY THEN can you make fun of it." It's a proud brotherhood moment.

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