You're really growing on me

I'm sitting in my car at a red light.
The Darkness is blaring out of my speakers. Recently rediscovered dusty and sadly miss used in boxes containing what is left of my teenage years.
I still remember every word. I remember 4am in the throes of battle with my insomnia, first seeing the video on television.
I'm jealous of how he can hit notes I can only reach toward. I begin to tap my fingers, my left foot, wiggle my shoulders, dancing like a white guy on 80's night. I lift my arms up and begin to toss my hair from side to side, a new sensory experience cause my hair has never been this long.
A honk blares out and I'm thrown back into present, my hair is mussed, I see a hipster in the car behind me looking angry, the light has turned green.

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