Ever since I graduated, every time I go to a theatre party I end up feeling incredibly old. Half the kids who walk through the door look like they're thirteen, young to a point that the first thing I think when I lay eyes upon them isn't 'Should they be drinking,' but more, 'Shouldn't they be in bed? Or at Trumpet practice? Or a rec center lock in?'

While in the kitchen talking to a person I did not want to be talking to my nerdar went off. I love to seek these conversations out and I desperately wanted out of this current conversation. I walk to a closed bedroom that in a very Cheech and Chong like manner billows out smoke as soon as I open the door. I hate going into these rooms, it's like smoking with a gas mask on. As soon as I go home I know I will have to strip down and throw everything I'm wearing into the washer. For the next week when I take showers a cloud of stale smoke that has been silently waiting in my hair will be released no matter how many time I wash it. But what I hear and see inside is too good to miss, so I check for traps and I go in.

In the smoke room, where I do not partake, I ask a girl if she's finished the Death of Superman series her and I had discussed earlier that month when a bitter argument over Marvel vs. DC erupts. Names like Peter Parker are thrown aside and stepped on as garbage. Someone is casually pissing on Bruce Wayne's face in the corner. It's ugly, it's brutal, and for a minute friendships look as if they are about end. People are standing up in the heat of the moment and literally yelling in each others faces. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a machete, "I was always more of an Aquaman girl." I propose out of the blue. A mighty yell is heard and the entire room comes together to turn on me and begin another argument that I don't really care about. I said it to cause more controversy and redirect the conversation. In my head, I've saved millions. The girl whom I was originally talking to about Superman looks at me sweetly and we silently hold hands. It's a nice moment.

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