Stockholm syndrome

This happened awhile ago, but I assume my brain has just been repressing it for a week now.

Last week we had a family dinner. Family being all the roommates and Brandon (practically a fifth roomie). We walked to the Indian place and ate frakkin delicious food. Amongst a mass of Monty Python/Community/Venture brothers quotes between Casey, Brandon, and me (sorry Parv and Nick), we started discussing princesses when Casey commented he though it was messed up that all other princesses got everything they could dream of, but Tiana in Princess and the Frog still had to work for a living. This transferred into how Disney movies send poor messages, then over the next five or so minutes Brandon managed to breakdown every princess movie in the lexicon.

I will paraphrase and take great liberties here:

Little Mermaid- Don't talk and change who you are. Guys will like you.
(Old hat)
Beauty and the Beast- Guys can look strange and still be awesome but with girls all that matters is looks. Also girls who read are weird.
(My favorite Disney movie.. it always hurts to hear this)
Snow White- Can't remember what he said.
(Probably cause I don't care for Snow White)
Cinderella- All about the class system. If she didn't have that gown she'd never gotten in and they'd have never fallen in LURVE.
Jasmine- Actually pretty cool.
(She is)
Mulan- Just be one of the dudes.
(I felt he was stretching with this one)
Sleeping Beauty- Date rape is a-okay.
And a PS...
Beauty and the Beast - A case for Stockholm syndrome.
(This I actually agree with, at least in the original story)

This was mostly said for humorous ends (it got me laughing). Though now, I've got to thinking more about this subject. I've heard various podcasts, family members, and general internet population bring this up, how Disney princesses shouldn't be role models. I agree, Disney princesses shouldn't be role models, they're cartoons, created to entertain us. It annoys me how people think a cartoon or movie can shape who a person is going to be. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie and what I took from it was it's okay to read and how first impressions aren't always right. Little Mermaid is Rachel's favorite Disney movie and she is never one to shy away from her opinions or stating exactly how she feels.
Tons of things go into what makes a person a person. Parents, school, books, friendships, life experiences. One movie shouldn't affect an entire persons persona, it's only entertainment! It's like people who commit murders then blame tv shows for their actions. There are deeper seeded issues here. Not just what Showtime and HBO show on Sunday evenings.
I've kinda written myself into a corner here, so I'll just end on a Tracy Jordan quote.
"I don’t want to go off on a rant here!"

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