Me: I have a killer headache after an epic DnD night. Then I made a poor choice and ate Taco Bell.
Amani: lol!
Me: we fought angels. so cool.
Amani: you are such a nerd
Me: proud of it
Amani: i know you are

More good news at this early hour. I won a major award! A contest over at EG for Hire for the ideal job. My entry:

We here at (insert trendy name) industries are searching for what some might call that special someone, and we hope it’s you. Your job responsibilities would include daily scouring of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Today’s Big Thing, in search of that next big thing. Time would also be spent compiling history and origins of internet phenomena (i.e.: Ebaumsworld) for articles and the like. Occasional acting in internet content is required of all employees in tandem with developing new content for the masses to enjoy. Each week would include daily meetings (screenings) reviewing the latest TV shows, movies, music, books, and developments in RPGA’s. Some weekend days are required to attend concerts and comic conventions, all travel and food will be compensated. In lieu of applications, please send in YouTube videos featuring you in an eating contest.

I will use my prize of candy only for good.
I tried to make some honey snickerdoodle cookies tonight. They tasted good but aesthetically were a disaster. The honey solidified to the pan and looked like a melted flan creature from a Final Fantasy game.
I have the next three days off of work, a mental health holiday if you will. I'm going to finish my Halloween costume and sit in coffee shops and kill time. It will be wonderful.

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