The Segway we use is broken. Joe took it in to get fixed. We have just spent the last twenty minutes playing with a glorified light box trying to figure why the light it still turning on when you don't complete the circuit. Jordan has to go pick up the Segway tomorrow and he asks Joe for the number to the Segway store. After Joe gives it, as we are waiting for the elevator to go back to our desks, something bursts out of him quickly, like a child rushing in the door excited to tell you about their day.

"You know I really want to call the Segway store one day and when they say 'Hello' just say, 'Yes. I'm in the middle of an awkward conversation can you help me out of it?'

I stare at him, dumbfounded, for what feels like hours. Then I just begin to laugh, snort, and giggle and I shuffle in for a hug that just ends up being around his torso, because Joe is eleven feet tall, it's like being a little girl again and hugging your mothers leg, it's the only way I can think of to show how much I appreciate this, and I say, 'God that was so nerdy.'

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