Truman Show

*Snippet of an actual conversation between EG for Hire and myself*
Me: Have you ever seen The Truman Show?
EG: Yes.
Me: Ever think your in it?
EG: *promptly answering* Sometimes!
Me: Thank God.
EG: Like when I'm driving and an appropriate song for the situation comes on...
Me: When I was in the Cleve this week I had this desk clerk that I interacted with a few times because I had to change rooms.
EG: What was wrong with the room?
Me: It was locked from the inside, so either it was still occupied or there was probably a dead body in there. But he was just a normal guy. Kinda short, round face, flat hair, had a beard. Very gentle looking.
EG: Nice description.
Me: Thanks. So that happened, then yesterday I went to the corner market, you know the one on northwest with the big sign that points to food and beer?
EG: Yes!
Me: I walk in there last night, and it's the same exact guy! And the first thought that pops into my mind is, "Was he recast?"
EG: Awwww!

I love talking to this girl because she is always on board and knows exactly where I'm coming from. We also both check behind shower curtains in strange bathrooms to make sure nobody is in there.

After this conversation we went to a lovely bridal shower for our friend Elaine. Then when I got home, Nick showed off his POG collection and tried to give me an OSU slanket (Ohhh, can't wait to get the flu so I can use this) which I politely declined (Get that thing out of my room! This is a clean space!) as Casey tried on new clothing and likened himself to the 12th Doctor. I giggled. Nick looked disturbed he understood what we were talking about.

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