Last Night while playing Dungeons and Dragons.
Casey: You walk into the hall and notice it's a lot larger than the outside would lead you to believe. It goes back very far....basically it's bigger on the inside.
Me: *giggling*
Patrick: Pervert.
Me: (I shake my head) Nerd.

Today while waiting for work to begin.
Joe: Batman is the best superhero of all time. He's rich, has an amazing car, fights crime, and has a bunch of awesome gadgets to help him do it.
Me: I don't want to see a story about a rich guy. I want a Batman that drives a crappy 80's Honda Accord, lives in a sub-let apartment, and has to balance his checkbook every month while fighting crime.
Joe: What!? I don't want to watch a Hipster Batman.
Me: *realizing* Oh God....I did just create Hipster Batman, didn't I?
Joe: Yeah instead of body armour, he'd just have skinny jeans.

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  1. I am amazed by Hipster Batman, but I'm gonna have to side with Joe on this one.

    Still, though. AMAZED.