Liz Lemon

So a few days ago I'm eating some microwave noodles at my desk. I am also wearing my uniform which I kind of hate to wear. After two years of wearing one everyday I will take the extra 20 minutes to shave my legs and slap on a dress. This may be one of the few feminine things about me.

While eating the noodles a few of them fall on my shirt. Did I mention they were red curry noodles? I feel like I should cause they were delicious.

Thinking no one was looking I quickly eat the noodles off of my shirt. My friend and fellow co-worker Joe sees this, he and I are complete opposites yet we get along wonderfully based on a friendship where we constantly bust each others balls. Anyway, Joe sees this and judgement instantly crosses his face

Joe: Oh MY GOD! You are Liz Lemon!

Me: *With a mouth full of noodles* Whuck?

I wish I was as cool as Liz Lemon. I'm just disgusting.

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