Nerdy Things I Guess I Say

Today before our morning meeting with my department I was re-telling my Applebee's story to my new boss. During the process of story telling I utter the following sentence.
"I leave the bathroom and....ya know how Applebee's have those two inclined planes that lead down into the bar area?"

Everybody begins to laugh hysterically at this. I am confused as I haven't gotten to the meat of the embarrassment yet... Joe, who always loves to point out my nerdy/hipster qualities chimes in with, "OH MY GOD, so nerdy. Ramps, Kyle, they are called ramps." I just want to be accurate.

On a side note, earlier last week during darling Nick's birthday party...Casey, Brandon, a different Joe, and a whole bunch of us were sitting on our patio discussing zombie movies. I proclaimed I'd be a great last girl. Casey however, disagreed, "No, I would see you going down midway through Act III. Guns a-blazing, you would die fighting and it would be awesome." It may be the nicest thing a guy has said to me in a long time.
He claimed he'd be, "The funny guy who died halfway through to give the movie gravity." I'm inclined to agree.

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  1. I love your accuracy! To heck with Joe, I say. To heck. (And why can't you be guns a-blazing the *entire* time *with* that accuracy? i.e. you shoot a lot of zombies and live?)