Gosh you look nice

So I thought what this weekend needed, amongst the three weeks of travel, general lack of sleep, and over abundance of new information, was a little taste of Kyle in college. Burning the candle at both ends, that is.

After attending a concert until 11pm then getting home and talking with my director/playwright about comics over the phone for ten minutes I don't fall asleep until after 1am due to being too keyed up from said concert. At exactly 5:43am I get a text from the director: Script is done. Check your email. See you at 9am at Wild Goose. I get a few more hours of sleep to awaken at 8am to shower, I still smell of the road.

The next twelve or so hours are spent learning lines, blocking the show, going to breakfast with Audrey to further learn lines, getting gas and running lines, going to the Laughing Orge with the excuse of 'method acting' where Audrey buys two comics as I slink off to the corner to check out the D&D section, we head back to Wild Goose and run lines some more with Joe, the guy in our play, and then do another run through after Kal has gotten some sleep. Then, braving the post football traffic we head down to Independents' Day which spans from Gay Street all around Pearl Alley and Elm Street. Our tech lasts for 15 minutes as we are a simple lights up lights down kinda deal. We then break for dinner, I grab some money from an ATM, then end up only buying a soda. The Independents' Day is wonderful, I wish I had more time to go through each booth and explore, maybe listen to some music.

Around 6pm we do our cue to cue which takes us all of 15 seconds. The next hour we sit up in the upper diner area of the restaurant we are performing in and drink soda and run lines. I am always terrified of going up on a line. At 8pm the show begins, each company participating received a different day of the week as their prompt. Around the time Tuesdays' show begins Wednesdays' cast realizes we all need to pee.
Of course this makes every word of Tuesdays show garbled and indecipherable. I can't hear anything because I'm filled up to my ears with urine. Our turn comes. It goes beautifully, people laugh. We bow and run as a team to find the bathroom. The location of this bathroom is so absurd. It's located in a labyrinth of stairs, hallways, refrigerators, and freezers that most likely house the dead bodies of some deranged killer. The lights flicker over the ladies room sign and I have to hold the stall door close and I take the most satisfying piss of my life. We head back upstairs to a whispered chours of 'Good jobs,' take our place in the corner and pass the rest of the time by reading comics. During the last show I realize I haven't eaten in almost twelve hours. Opps.

The show ends. Clap clap clap clap clap. We clean up and leave. On the way back to the car the following conversations happens and makes me smile.
Anyone have change for a twenty?
Yeah I might, why?
Oh cause then I can pay you guys!
Yeah we got a seventh of the door!
(We all laugh and Kal hands each of us a ten dollar bill)
My first paid acting gig...
Wow! Kal this is like a tenth of what you and I got paid at Schiller Park.
Kal this is ten times more than I got paid for my last job.

We then talk about the other shows as I drive us back to Wild Goose. We say our goodbyes and I go back to my house and promptly pass out.
I still haven't eaten anything. Opps.

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