I just witnessed the climax to a film

I think I'm catching a cold.

I went to Panera to get an obscene bowl of chicken soup, on my way back I see some kids in their front yard.

They all looked super serious. For a minute I feel like an extra in a kids adventure movie. Just a random car in the background of a scene. They were all conversing and one girl, obviously the leader, was making wild hand gestures. The other group members were nodding in approval and at the end a boy shot his fist up in the air and shouted what I hope was, "Let's go!" I cannot be sure because my window was up. Then they all shot off down the street toward their adventure. They must be off to rescue a fallen friend or defeat a creepy neighbor that stole a baseball. A few of them are likely to be hurt but it's going to be a hell of a show.

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