When I was little

I would listen to the Phantom of the Opera cast album alone in my room and act out the scenes I remembered.
For about three years I fell asleep to a CD of a rainstorm because it rained so little where I grew up.
Whenever I moved into a new home, I'd always figure out how I could sneak out of my room undetected. I never snuck out.
The last time I had a boyfriend, slap bracelets were still in style.
I was a Ninja for Halloween four years in a row.
I played my Clarinet for money during the local farmers market. I made about a dollar before they told me I had to stop.
I used to grow and dry my own tea leaves.
During summers, usually in July, I would bike down to my elementary school almost everyday to see if class lists had been posted so I could find out who my next teacher was going to be.
Between preschool and second grade, I would come home every day and watch one of three movies: Edward Scissorhands, Batman, or Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
As a baby when I wouldn't fall asleep my mom would drive me around in the car and let the hum of the engine lull me to sleep. Today I still get a little sleepy whenever a car is turned on.
I bought the four day pass to Comic-Con for three straight years.
Once I dressed up as an Anime character and participated in The Masquerade.
A dog jumped on me when I was very little and I still don't trust them. I need to remind myself everytime I see one not to be afraid.
I used to think cartoons were real people in brightly colored costumes.
At six I decided I was going to be a reconstruction artist in a funeral home. Once my mom 'played dead' for me so I could practice putting make up on people lying down.
In fourth grade I watched Nightmare on Elm Street and for a month wouldn't go to sleep unless every light in the house was switched on. I think this contributed to or even started my insomnia.
I always wanted to join Cross Country but couldn't because of my asthma.
I made S'mores in my living room by spearing a marshmallow on a kabob stick and roasting it over a candle.
I went to Target when I felt sad.

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  1. Aww, I remember a lot of these things. I can't believe I've known you since you were 6 (Homeward Bound!), even if there was a big gap between that reconciliation. I always think of you when I walk into the Mission Valley Target <3