Felicia Day

It's a beautiful day.

I realize this after I decide to go for a walk. I was just sitting on my bed watching episodes of Firefly when a light breeze bites at my back. Really the only reason I open my windows is to rid my room of the funk of dirty laundry it has accumulated over the week. Regardless, I get a sudden itch to go for a walk.

I put on some shoes, grab my Ipod and began to walk, listening to the Felicia Day Nerdist episode. I said yesterday to some co-workers I can't think of a woman I would go gay for. I stand corrected, Felicia Day is adorable.

I walk many places, mostly through lots of alley's. I grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of alley's and it's been awhile since I could walk through some at my leisure. At the end, my hair is mussed and wild, my feet sore, and now I am ready for a cat nap. Along the way I see several things.

  • Three children sitting in a porch swing in very close conference. They are obviously discussing very important matters such as what to do with this Saturday now that school has started weekends are again precious.
  • An older couple also out walking. We cross paths many times through the twists and turns of the streets. They though, are more appropriately dressed for said walk. Each time I see them they talk animatedly. Each time I see them their hands are interlocked. Upon my third time seeing them I think to myself, "Wow, I should NOT have worn this red pendleton shirt."
  • I come across another ally that is just lovely. At the threshold, two distinguished aged trees intermingled their branches which created a shaded ten feet or so, stretching out and eventually dissolving into sunlight. It looks as if I were to walk through this ally, I would be transported. Leave this plane for another land, the Faerie or some other such place. It also looked cool in temperature and the sun was starting to warm up. I don't go through the portal, I'm not dressed for adventure.

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