I always thought the song Can't Get Next To You was about superpowers.

I can fly like a bird in the sky.
Hey, and I can buy anything that money can buy.
Oh, I can turn a river into a raging fire.
I can live forever if I so desired.

On the patio last night we celebrated Nicholas's day of birth. Then we talked about what superpowers we would want. It came down to a verbal sparring of which was better, Invisibility or Telekinesis. Invisibility has always been high on my list. Think about it, you could be a fantastic spy with some supplemental training. One guy brought up the point you could stand in a busy park and push people off of their bikes, which would be hilarious!

What it comes down to (for me) is I'm a voyeuristic little creep and I would love to just watch people. How people act when no one else is around. How people act together when no one else it watching. I wonder if it would reaffirm my belief in humanity or destroy it.

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